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Dr. Homi Bhabha Young Scientist Competitive Exams
(Conducted by Greater Bombay Science Teachers Association)

This examination is named after Dr. Homi Bhabha to inspire the young students
    to achieve the excellence in the field of science.
Students from 6th and 9th Standard can appear for this Examination.
The Exam is conducted in three stages. STAGES
    (1) Written Exam (2) Practicals (3) Oral.
Entry fee per student for this exam is Rs. 50/-
Details of this Exam are as under.

STAGE (1) - Written Exam - Students have to appear for one question paper of 100 marks consisting of objective type Multi choice questions from physics, Chemistry and Biology. There is no fixed syllabus for this exam, but students are expected to have the knowledge of next year's class i.e. VII and X class respectively. This exam is normally conducted in the month of September every year.

A merit list based on the marks obtained at this exam is prepared for students who have secured 35% or more marks at this exam. Top 10% students from this list are selected for Stage (2) and next 25% students are given certificate of passing.

STATE (2) - Practical Exam - This Exam is normally conducted in the month of January every year. Time allotted for this exam is 30 minutes. Importance is given for efficient handling of all the equipments and procedures followed by the students at the time of this exam.

Based on the merit, top 10% students are allowed to appear for Stage (3) i.e. oral exam and remaining 90% students are awarded certificate of merit.

STAGE (3) - Oral - It is conducted by experts from their field. Top 7.5% students from the merit list of this exam are awarded scholarship of Rs. 250/- a Gold Medal and a certificate of Award and rest of the students are awarded certificate of Distinction and a Silver Medal.

Our S.G. Barve Training Centre arranges guidance for all the above mentioned stages of competitive Exam.

Surendra Bajpai
Baivant Chitnis
Suresh Pingle
Divakar Joshi
Suresh Mehendale

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